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daredevil brewing – open fermentation

In May, I watched episode 4 of Brewing TV on open fermentation. In the video, Michael Dawson brewed a Topless Hefeweizen using his standard hefe recipe, but this time he left the top off the fermenter. I was inspired to … Continue reading

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second runnings – beer for nothing and your chicks for free

On Friday I made my second attempt at brewing a double digit ABV beer. My first try, a double IPA, missed the mark, coming in at around 9%. The IPA was a 10-gallon batch that pushed the limits of my … Continue reading

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English Phil’s Summer Ale

On May 8, my friend Phil married his betrothed, Meredith. It was a delightful ceremony at a winery outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. The rehearsal dinner and reception took place nearby at Meredith’s parents’ house, a mere 18th century farm house. … Continue reading

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BrewGnome’s Belgian Golden Strong takes the pendant

On Saturday, BrewGnome, also known as Nicole, won her first homebrew award at this month’s Upstate Brewtopians homebrew club meeting with her Untamed Beer: Brew Gnome Signature Series Nicolie-Belgique Golden Strong Ale. This brew was Nicole’s first time taking the … Continue reading

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all-grain brew day video

Back in September, my friend Dan and his girlfriend Holly came over to the Untamed Brewery to shoot a brew day using his fancy-pants HD video camera and one of those fuzzy boom mics. Lord was also with us to … Continue reading

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Brewing in the Snow

Last Saturday I had my first experience brewing in the snow. I brewed up a Scottish Ale, so the snow cover outside seemed appropriate. I thought about waiting a week for the weather to improve, but I can just hear … Continue reading

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I have draft beer in my house!

I feel as thought I have turned a corner in my life. I now have draft beer accessible in my house. This could be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing: kegging homebrew is SO much easier than bottling. … Continue reading

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Untamed-PSG Collaboration Coffee Stout

A couple months ago, I was approached by my friends at the Palmetto Software Group to brew a beer for their company holiday party/customer appreciation gifts/general consumption. After an evening to tasting a variety of beers at Barley’s they settled … Continue reading

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Untamed Pumpkin Ale vertical tasting

Earlier this week I had a chance to do my first “vertical tasting” with some of my homebrew. (That’s the term beer geeks use when referring to tasting the same beer brewed in different years.) I saved a bottle of … Continue reading

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Untamed IPA II – my best beer yet?

Being a homebrewer and a perfectionist is not a good combination. Beer should be a laid back. You drink it with friends, enjoy it outdoors on beautiful days, it warms your soul on cozy, rainy days. When used properly, it’s … Continue reading

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