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the homebrew Titanic

After two straight home runs with my Pumpkin Ale and Slain Trolls Blood Coffee Stout (which I’ll review at a later date), I was riding high on my homebrew horse. Well, today I was put back in my place. I’ve … Continue reading

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World Beer Festival in Columbia

So how was it? If anyone went, please tell me about it. I wish I could have been there, but the wedding I was in was a lot of fun, so I don’t feel too bad…

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aged Sierra Nevada Bigfoot barleywine tasting

More will come of my very interesting day yesterday, once I’ve had a chance to sift through my notes and ponder the implications upon my life. Actually, I’m being overdramatic as usual, but it was a very fun and educational … Continue reading

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my first print article

This month has marked an historic occasion. No, not that one… I had an article published in print for the first time! On page 27 (out of 28; I’m guessing they were desperate for filler…) of the January/Febtober 2009 Southern … Continue reading

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2008 Brewery of the Year: Coast

I’m probably a little biased about my selection for the Untamed Beer 2008 Brewery of the Year award, Coast Brewing Company from North Charleston, South Carolina, but I don’t care. It’s my blog. I had the good fortune of living … Continue reading

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January 2009 – Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout

If I were snowbound inside a mountain chalet for weeks and had one beer to stock my fridge, the Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout would be it. This may very well be one of the best stouts I’ve had. It … Continue reading

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Christmas presents

After a three week sabbatical from blogging, I’m back for 2009 with a vengeance. All beer, all the time. I just wanted to share a little bit from my Christmas experience. You know how when people find out that you … Continue reading

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