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After five days and many sleepless nights, I finally see bubbles in the airlock! Vigorous bubbles! This must be some slow activating yeast. I took a hydrometer reading this morning and I don’t think it budged from its initial reading. … Continue reading

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homebrew batch #4: Who’s in the Garden Grand Cru

Who’s in the Garden Grand Cru is a Belgian white style beer. I got the recipe from the Joy of Homebrewing. With the weather warming up, I wanted to brew up a light and refreshing beer, and white ale it … Continue reading

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I know by now it’s old news, but I had to give props to the fine legislators, and especially our own Governor Sanford, for passing bill 3218 to allow the sale of up to 14% alcohol beers. This is a … Continue reading

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welcome to untamedbeer

Let me extend a warm welcome and thank you for visiting my “beer blog.” I started this blog simply because I love beer. It is one of the passions I have in life and my goal is to have a … Continue reading

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