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the fall seasonals are in!

While taking a turn through Total Wine this weekend, I was greeted by a most welcomed sight. The fall seasonals are in! The great thing about all the fall seasonals that will be hitting the bars and stores in the … Continue reading

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Joe the Butcher’s imperial stout

A couple weeks ago while at Publix, Nicole struck up a conversation with our friendly butcher. As is the case with most of our conversations, the topic somehow turned to beer. Turns out, Joe is also a homebrewer! And as … Continue reading

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when a brewpub goes bad

This weekend I tagged along with my wife Nicole to Hilton Head Island to do some field work for an article she is writing for a Charleston-based food magazine. I was able to go as her travel companion and chauffeur, … Continue reading

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beer calories and carbs

The time has come for me to address a long-standing myth that has pained me to hear for many years: that “‘good’” beer has too many calories, too many carbs, and will make me fat.” While I readily admit, most … Continue reading

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flirting with disaster

Today I moved the blueberry wheat into the secondary fermenter. If you recall from my post back on July 22, I mentioned that I did not strain off the whole hops or blueberries when I put the wort in the … Continue reading

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August 2007 – Flying Dog Double Dog

“Wow!” Was my reaction to my first sip of this beer. I was immediately struck by the creamy, sweet, and ridiculously hoppy character. A little later on I was struck by the 10.5% alcohol content! Flying Dog describes this beer … Continue reading

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