the fall seasonals are in!

While taking a turn through Total Wine this weekend, I was greeted by a most welcomed sight. The fall seasonals are in!

The great thing about all the fall seasonals that will be hitting the bars and stores in the coming weeks is the variety of different flavors that are available. Many fall seasonal beers are flavored with spices such as pumpkin, nutmeg, clove, allspice, and cinnamon. Most of these types of beers are not very hoppy or sweet, since they are characterized by their spiced flavors, so they will appeal to wide variety of palates.

My wife, Nicole, who is quite a pumpkinhead, recommends some of her pumpkin-spiced favorites:

For those who like a more traditional beer, definitely take advantage of the Oktoberfest beer selection during the fall. The Oktoberfest style has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years, and it seems that any brewery that does specialty brews has their own. Oktoberfest beers are generally rich and toasty, copper in color with a mild hop character. Two of my favorites are Sam Adams Octoberfest and Paulaner Oktoberfest.

So get out and enjoy the fall, both for the cooler temperatures and the beer!


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3 Responses to the fall seasonals are in!

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi, Cottonwood Pumpkin Spice used to be brewed in Boone many years ago, but I believe is now brewed at the Carolina Blonde’s location in Mooresville, NC, just 30 minutes from Charlotte.

  2. nikki3bags says:

    Hi, it’s the Pumpkinhead. I am stoked about my most favorite time of year. Cottonwood Pumpkin Spiced Ale’s been a close friend of mine for a few years. My love for this spiced beverage on draft sabotaged any glimmer of hope of earning my golden plate at The Flying Saucer (Drink 200 different beers, and you get free stuff and a beer tab.)

    The Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale may be my favorite bottled pumpkin ale, though. The ale is medium and balanced on the spice, so it’s not overpowering and pairs well with this pumpkin spice bundt cake:

    You might think spice on spice would be scary, but it’s straight up sweet lovin’. I’ve only seen this beer sold at World Market (I’m not in California). So, if anyone knows where else to buy, please share!

    Now, if you want spice all up in your nostrils, try the Shipyard Pumpkinhead. When I tried it a year or so ago, I was turned off. (I thought nothing could touch the nectar that was Cottonwood.) Now, I love it. The cinnamon and nutmeg will rock your world.

    What’s your favorite fall seasonal? Let me know. Pumpkin ale or not, I’m open to tasting something new.

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks for the correction on the Cottonwood. I’ve made the correction in the original post. Michelle wins the inaugural Astute Reader of the Month award for August. Yay Michelle! :)

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