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interview with Julie Atallah from Bruisin’ Ales in Asheville, NC

Last week I had the great opportunity to interview Julie Atallah from Bruisin’ Ales in Asheville. We had a great time talking about how Julie and her husband Jason got into craft beer and started Bruisin’ Ales. We also talk … Continue reading

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Anat Baron’s response to beer bloggers

Anat Baron, the director and producer of Beer Wars, posted a response to “some” beer bloggers this afternoon. As expected, this movie caused quite a passionate reaction in the beer community, some positive, some very negative. Believe it or not, … Continue reading

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move over firefly, it’s bacon vodka!

Move over Firefly, there’s a new sheriff in town. Jim Gaffigan must be notified! Bacon flavored vodka

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undress your beer bottle – the perfect bottle for homebrewers to reuse

Dogfish Head may have the easiestbottle labels to remove. In an effort to be more envioronmentally and cost conscious, I’ve started stripping the labels off the beer bottles I drink to reuse for bottling homebrew. In the past I would … Continue reading

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my new books have arrived!

I’m very excited about two new arrivals: Radical Brewing and Tasting Beer, both by Randy Mosher. I have never read Mosher, but I have heard his books are must-haves for beer appreciators. While I think that I have picked up … Continue reading

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Beer Wars movie review

For those that may not have seen it last night, Beer Wars was a documentary on the beer industry in America that was in theaters for “one night only.” It primarily featured Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head and Rhonda Kallman … Continue reading

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beer still a second-class citizen?

I had an interesting experience yesterday that I would like to share. In my never-ending quest to gain knowledge and enhance my beer experience, I went into a wine and beer store yesterday to see if they needed a “beer … Continue reading

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Big Brew Day 2009 – homebrewers unite!

Big Brew Day 2009 is rapidly approaching. In a gesture of solidarity, on May 2, homebrewers around the country will brew one of two choices selected by the American Homebrewers Association. Each year, the AHA selects two or three recipes, … Continue reading

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Untamed Brewery 2.0: your basic all-grain homebrewing system

Thanks to some generous fellow homebrewers who donated time and effort, I now have a fully-functioning 10-gallon all-grain homebrewing system. While I’m still missing a lot of parts that would make this effort easier, and I’m sure more efficient, this … Continue reading

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haircut results

Before: After: I decided to shake things up and go shorter, but still a bit shaggy on top. Kind of like a reverse mullet. This should make my parents, my wife’s friends, and my banker happy. For comedic effect, if … Continue reading

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