my new books have arrived!

I’m very excited about two new arrivals: Radical Brewing and Tasting Beer, both by Randy Mosher. I have never read Mosher, but I have heard his books are must-haves for beer appreciators.


While I think that I have picked up a lot of great knowledge tasting craft beers over the past five years, I’m looking forward to expanding my mind and becoming more aware of the wonderful intricacies we can experience in the aroma and taste of well-crafted beers.

And after flipping through Radical Brewing and seeing some of the recipies in there, I am going to have some serious fun. I have totally got to brew some Gotlandsdricka, an old Viking recipe. Flippin sweet!

I’m not much of a reader, so I tend to read very slowly. Once I do finish each, I’ll let you know what I thought of them.


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3 Responses to my new books have arrived!

  1. Matt Daniel says:

    Let me know when the Viking brew is ready for sampling!


  2. Stuart Raymond says:

    I actually got the Tasting Beer book a while back. It is a great coffee table book.

  3. Eric says:

    Radical Brewing is my bible! Great, creative recipes and really easy to understand. If you wondered “hey, what would happen if I brewed with ________” he’s got it in there.

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