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Shakoolie – Your Shower Beer Companion

Moments of genius often come at times when you least expect it, like in the shower. In the case of the Shakoolie, it’s a moment of genius about being in the shower… with a beer. Say you’ve had a long … Continue reading

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Community Tap Beer Fest Signals Greenville’s Arrival

Asheville has Brewgrass. Charleston has Brewvival. Greenville now has the Community Tap Beer Fest. With an established brewery (Thomas Creek) and two more on the way (Quest & Brewery 85), a brewpub (Blueridge), America’s Most Arrogant beer bar (Barley’s Tap … Continue reading

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2012 Sam Adams Utopias vs. 2009 BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin

In 2009, BrewDog (Scotland) threw down the gauntlet to brew the highest ABV beer on the planet.  They launched the Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32% ABV) to beat out the reigning champion at the time, Sam Adams Utopias (27% ABV). I won’t get … Continue reading

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Belgian Vertical Tasting with Chimay Blue & Unibroue

If you’ve got the money, honey, I’ve got the time. — Willie Nelson I did my first-ever vertical beer tasting at the Charleston Beer Exchange with Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine in January 2009. After a beer dinner at Ted’s Butcherblock, we … Continue reading

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A Perennial Favorite: Samuel Adams Octoberfest

This past Sunday, I walked into Publix on a mission for tortilla chips to go with a quick guacamole that I whipped up while Nicole was brewing her batch of stout she’s going to bring to the Charlotte Octoberfest. I … Continue reading

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An Epic Meal of Simplicity: Meat, Cheese and Beer

Beer and cheese is a vastly underrated pairing. Wine is the classic choice to pair with cheese, but beer may actually be a better match. The carbonation in beer in effect washes the fat and oils of the cheese off … Continue reading

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Barleywine Weekend VI

What if I told you that you could: Stay three nights in a 5 bedroom mountain home with a guest house Sample 60+ beers over those three days Dine on gourmet dishes, including a 9-course all-day beer/food pairing It was … Continue reading

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A Beer Drinker’s Diet

I like beer. A lot. I brew it. I (sometimes) write about it. I drink it. One of the questions I’ve gotten more than once is, “How do you stay so thin and drink so much beer?” Before this post … Continue reading

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Colorado… what now?

In 1983, my family moved from Cleveland to Denver. I was seven years old. My parents both grew up in Cleveland. If I count correctly, at least three generations on either side preceded them in Northern Ohio, before you get … Continue reading

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Beer Dinner at American Grocery, Featuring GBX

American Grocery is one of my favorite restaurants in Greenville. It’s locally owned, it’s small, and they use local ingredients to make up an ever-changing menu. When I become independently wealthy, Chef Joe is the first one I’m offering a … Continue reading

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