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Shakoolie – Your Shower Beer Companion

Moments of genius often come at times when you least expect it, like in the shower. In the case of the Shakoolie, it’s a moment of genius about being in the shower… with a beer. Say you’ve had a long … Continue reading

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A Beer Drinker’s Diet

I like beer. A lot. I brew it. I (sometimes) write about it. I drink it. One of the questions I’ve gotten more than once is, “How do you stay so thin and drink so much beer?” Before this post … Continue reading

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Prepare Thyself For a Beer Festival

In four and half days I will be at my personal Daytona Super World Series Cup of beer festivals. I speak of Brewvival. I was at the inaugural festival last year, and it was the most exceptional collection of rare … Continue reading

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guide to selecting beer glassware

Beer is a beautiful, complex and wondrous beverage. We all agree on this, right? Drinking a hand-crafted beer is more than an exercise to swallow yellow fizzy water. It’s an experience that should be savored. I’m sure some of you … Continue reading

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don’t fear canned beer

When many of us think of canned beer, flashbacks to college parties or tailgates often come to mind. Coolers full of Natty Light, The Beast, PBR. And is there a better sound than cracking open a cold can of beer? … Continue reading

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Jimmy C’s beer bottle cap collection

Jimmy C (aka Jim Ciallella) from OrangeCoat shows us his 400+ beer bottle cap collection. It’s about 20 minutes long, so you may be asking yourself, “How can they talk about bottle caps for 20 minutes?” I don’t know, but … Continue reading

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Randy Mosher video clip on why and how to taste beer

Randy Mosher, author of Tasting Beer, appeared on WTTW in Chicago to explain why and how to taste beer. He also has some good tips on glassware and how to pour a beer. Watch the video (about 9 minutes) I … Continue reading

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undress your beer bottle – the perfect bottle for homebrewers to reuse

Dogfish Head may have the easiestbottle labels to remove. In an effort to be more envioronmentally and cost conscious, I’ve started stripping the labels off the beer bottles I drink to reuse for bottling homebrew. In the past I would … Continue reading

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alternatives to wine for St. Valentine’s Day dinner

As St. Valentine’s Day approacheth, I have begun brainstorming for creative ways to celebrate the day with my bride. (Side note: being married for four years now, I’m impressed that I actually started thinking about this two days in advance…) … Continue reading

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hops in your pocket?

I came across an add on Facebook this morning for “Pockethops.” I couldn’t resist, so I clicked through: The concept is this: you carry this little dispenser with you that contains “Pockethops Bitter Powder.” According to the site, 30 … Continue reading

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