hops in your pocket?

I came across an add on Facebook this morning for “Pockethops.” I couldn’t resist, so I clicked through:


The concept is this: you carry this little dispenser with you that contains “Pockethops Bitter Powder.” According to the site, 30 mg is supposed to increase the bitterness in a beer by 10 IBU.

I guess being a bit of a purist, I’m extremely skeptical about this, even though I love hoppy beer. There are so many different varieties of hops that all have different characteristics of flavor, aroma and bitterness that create your beer experience. There is so much more that hops contributes to a beer than simply bitterness.

To me, this is like carrying little a travel salt shaker in your pocket. Sure, if you’re eating crappy bland food, it might make it taste a little better, but everything is just going to taste salty.

But then again, if you’re drinking Bud Light, maybe that’s the point…


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4 Responses to hops in your pocket?

  1. Evans says:

    Girls in college used to put Crystal Light powder in their beer. No kidding.

  2. Brian says:

    That is disgusting.

  3. Mark says:

    Brian you last line hit on exactly what I was thinking. This also reminded me of that old Far Side comic with the two buzzards sitting around the rotted carcass and one says “Thank god for ketchup.”

    My other question is, if you go to a bar and are seen putting an unidentified powder into a beer, how long until the police stroll around looking for the date rapist?

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