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drinking and getting old

I can relate to this article more than I like to admit, and I’m only 32: My favorite quote from the article: “But drinking was also an excuse to devote eight consecutive hours to sitting idly around having hilarious … Continue reading

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Twitter on the sidebar

WordPress has released a sidebar widget for Twitter, so I went ahead and added it to Untamed Beer, just under the categories. Do you think it’s useful or obnoxious to have it there? I’m torn. I like the cross-pollination, but … Continue reading

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Mapping the best beer in America

Interesting blog post on FlowingData. They took all the award winners from the Great American Beer Festival from 1987 to 2007 and created a map showing the number of winners by state. Interesting results. I expected states like California, Colorado … Continue reading

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beer sweaters

This may be the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen: I so want the Pabst sweater! (via @mrsohabeer)

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Utah legalizes homebrewing

And then there were four… On Wednesday, March 24, Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. signed a bill that will legalize homebrewing in the state as of May 12, 2009. Congrats to Utah! We should all raise a homebrew and toast … Continue reading

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brewery collaborations

Draft Magazine’s article, Brewing Buddies, which is about brewery collaborations, gets to the heart of why I like beer so much. Yeah, beer tastes good and has a pleansant relaxing effect, but it’s the laid-back people and collaborative spirit that … Continue reading

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Corsendonk Abbey Pale Ale & banana bread with crystallized ginger

Now this is what I call a dessert! Nicole baked up some banana bread with crystallized ginger. And what better to accompany such a bread than a Belgian ale! We so happened to have a bottle of Corsendonk Abbey Pale … Continue reading

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Slight change to domain

I made some slight changes to Untamed Beer’s blog setup so that I could drop “wordpress” from the URL. This really shouldn’t affect anything, but I wanted to let you know so you could update your bookmarks and news feeds … Continue reading

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Alba Scots Pine Ale

Whenever I’m traveling, one of the necessities of my trip is to try and find a good beer shop. While I was in Knoxville a couple weeks ago visiting my sister, I stopped in at Harvest Towne Wine & Spirits, … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day Irish Stout showdown – Guinness vs. Beamish

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to pit two traditional Irish Stouts against one another. I chose the king of Irish Stouts, Guinness (Dublin), and a lesser known rival, Beamish (Cork). Does … Continue reading

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