Mapping the best beer in America

Interesting blog post on FlowingData. They took all the award winners from the Great American Beer Festival from 1987 to 2007 and created a map showing the number of winners by state. Interesting results.

I expected states like California, Colorado and Oregon to be up at the top, but Pennsylvania came in 5th. Pennsylvania isn’t a state that you normally think of when the top brewing states come to mind, but with breweries like Victory, Weyerbocker, Troeggs, Stoudts, and of course, Iron City, I can see why they have won so many awards.

On a more depressing note, South Carolina came in near the bottom with 8 award winners. Hey, at least we beat North Dakota. By the way, what’s up with West Virginia? They were the only state in the union to have no award winners in that ten-year span.

We southerners need to get to brewin’ cause them Yankees are kicking our ass.


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  1. Mike Wirth says:

    Thanks for mentioning our “Best Beer in America” map 2008. was so kind as to post our work, but the origin of the map is from Rick Lyke’s blog

    The 2009 map is coming soon.

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