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pumpkin ale homebrew

The day before Thanksgiving I cracked open my latest batch of homebrew, a pumpkin ale. This creation was my best yet. I have to say, I am quite a perfectionist and will be the first to be critical of what … Continue reading

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chocolate began as beer!

Check out this amazing discovery about the origins of chocolate: It would appear that chocolate began to be used in a beer-like drink in Central America around 1100 BC. “The earliest cacao beverages consumed at Puerto Escondido were likely … Continue reading

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coors, the banquet beer

Have you seen those new Coors commercials? You know, “We haven’t changed since 1873.” When I saw those ads, a thought struck me. Those Coors ads are at the heart of the debate between those that drink macro beer and … Continue reading

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November 2007 – Magic Hat Roxy Rolles

When I normally think of a winter seasonal, I think of something dark, sweet, and spicy. Magic Hat (South Burlington, Vermont) brings all of that and more with hoppy punch in their winter seasonal, Roxy Rolles amber. Roxy has a … Continue reading

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