coors, the banquet beer

Have you seen those new Coors commercials? You know, “We haven’t changed since 1873.” When I saw those ads, a thought struck me. Those Coors ads are at the heart of the debate between those that drink macro beer and those that drink craft beer. A couple months ago I remember reading a quote from an interview with Terrapin co-founder Spike Buckowski in the Southern Brew News that I think really hits the nail on the head in the macro vs. micro debate. Spike said, “Craft beer drinkers really like to try a wide range of beers. Bud or Miller drinkers usually just drink one type of beer until they die, but craft beer lovers are more open-minded when it comes to beer.”

I totally agree with Spike. The reason that the light lager style of beer is so popular with the masses is that most people like to stay in their comfort zone. You know exactly what you are getting when you buy a Bud, Miller, Coors, PBR, etc. and for most people, that’s exactly what they want.

Now, does that make it wrong to drink Budweiser? Absolutely not. I’ve always maintained that if you like that type of beer, then more power to you and keep on enjoying it. However, I am all about getting people to expand their beer comfort zone. There is so much good beer out there, you don’t want to be on your death bed 50 years from now thinking, “Man, I should have tried different beers!” Live your life with no regret!

So my challenge to everyone this week is to try a beer you’ve never had before by Sunday. I want everyone’s report turned in by Sunday night!


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5 Responses to coors, the banquet beer

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  2. nikki3bags says:

    Yes, sir.

  3. I just had a Belgium Trippel at the Arbor Brewing company here in Ann Arbor, MI.

    It came to the party with loads of intensity, providing satisfyingly subtle banana overtones (which I’ve come to love) and left me holding only the memory of a circus peanut.

  4. Brian says:

    I’ve actually had the circus peanut sensation from the Belgians before. That’s pretty cool…

  5. Valdez says:

    I am actually enjoying a “banquet beer” as I write this. Right in my wheelhouse.

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