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From the HopPress: Sour Beer – The Last Frontier

My first “real” beer post is up on HopPress: Beer School: Sour Beer – The Last Frontier It’s a style explanation of sour beer with a few recommendations to try if you’re adventurous. Since it can be pretty far-out, most … Continue reading

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my Hop Press blog has launched

My latest beer blogging venture launched today on‘s Hop Press. My introductory post went live this morning. You can get to my sub-blog from here: My regular publishing day will be Thursdays. My first beer-related post going up … Continue reading

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hair cut

Almost cut my hair It happened just the other day It was getting kind of long I could have said it was in my way. — David Crosby

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RateBeer blog launch date changed to Monday, November 16

A quick update on my RateBeer blog venture: The launch date for the blog has been pushed back to Monday, November 16. We’ll be coming out with some introduction-type posts for all the writers on Monday and then we’ll be … Continue reading

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Untamed Pumpkin Ale vertical tasting

Earlier this week I had a chance to do my first “vertical tasting” with some of my homebrew. (That’s the term beer geeks use when referring to tasting the same beer brewed in different years.) I saved a bottle of … Continue reading

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I’m starting as a contributing blogger on November 12

I’m taking my show on the road. Well, it’s more like I am on the entrance ramp to a bigger road with a lot more lanes. Starting with my first article scheduled to go live on November 12, I’m going … Continue reading

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