I’m starting as a contributing blogger on ratebeer.com November 12

RB_2003_4I’m taking my show on the road. Well, it’s more like I am on the entrance ramp to a bigger road with a lot more lanes. Starting with my first article scheduled to go live on November 12, I’m going to be a contributing blogger on Ratebeer.com.

Ratebeer is working on making some changes to their site and how they are using HopPress, their blog platform. They are going to have 10 bloggers contributing a featured article one day per week. They were looking for bloggers from around the country to bring a more regional perspective to beer culture, and I’ll be representing the South. My assigned day is Thursday, so you can catch me there starting next week.

I am very excited about this opportunity. Ratebeer is one of the top beer websites and has a very large, global audience. This is a big step for me in my beer writing endeavors.

I started Untamedbeer a little over two years ago and I didn’t have any clue where it would lead. I just wanted to spread some love and knowledge about craft beer to anyone that happened to listen. I had no idea of the doors that my blog would open. I’ve had the chance to write for the Southern Brew News, interview pro brewers, work in a commercial brewery, meet amazing homebrewers and best of all, I’ve gotten free beer!

I don’t mean to sound like I’ve arrived or anything like that. Far from it. I have so much to learn and improve that it can be overwhelming. However, it’s been nice to take a few minutes before I take this next step and reflect upon what I’ve had the chance to do over the past few years.

(While I’ve got my motivational speaker voice on, if you’ve ever been passionate about anything, just start doing it, writing about it, or getting involved in some group or association or whatever. You may not take over the world some day, but I guarantee that if you start getting involved in some way and put yourself out there, you will accomplish more than you ever thought you would.)

I especially want to thank you and all those that read my blog and have supported my beer endeavors. It still amazes me that anyone would take the time to pay attention to what I have to say about beer considering that I’m not a real expert. But, if I can help expand your beer horizons or cause you to crack a smile, then I’ve accomplished my mission.

Oh, and my writing for Ratebeer does not mean that Untamedbeer is going away. I may not be able to post as frequently here because I need to save some material for my weekly posts on Ratebeer, but I’ll still have Untamedbeer as well.

By the way, if anyone has any article ideas, I’d love to get your suggestions. Coming up with compelling content for a weekly column is going to be harder than actually writing the articles, so I’d love any help I can receive.

Thanks again, and be sure to check me out on Ratebeer.com on November 12!


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3 Responses to I’m starting as a contributing blogger on ratebeer.com November 12

  1. JChristie says:

    Congrats! I’m another one of the bloggers (representing New England and, presumably, part of the beer book world) and can’t wait to get started. Some of my favorite brews are from Southern states, and I can’t wait to read your posts on RateBeer – along with more at Untamed, of course!

    • Brian says:

      Sweet, dude! Thanks for introducing yourself. You’ve got a cool site, and I’m extremely impressed with your literary background. I really need to start reading more… :)

  2. Eric says:

    Great job! Congrats! Look forward to reading.

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