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I like cold beverage

As a follow-up to my post on frosted mugs, I was listening to an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, the guy from Wine Library TV, and he made an interesting comment on cold beverages. He said that he always tastes anything … Continue reading

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those crazy economics

Go figure. That ol’ supply and demand curve is still right after all these years. As you may have heard, the price of hops has skyrocketed over the past year, increasing about five or six-fold. This has really caused a … Continue reading

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Blue Ridge unveils new seasonals

Blue Ridge Brewmaster Jay Blue Ridge Brewing Company was perhaps the first brewpub I ever visited when I was old enough to partake of the sweet elixir way back in the day. They first opened their doors in 1995 and … Continue reading

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frosted mugs: a refreshing travesty?

At the Flying Saucer a few years back I saw a quote on their big chalk board, “Frosted glasses are for amateurs.” Of course that led to the debate: are they being beer snobs, or is there validity to the … Continue reading

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you know you’re a geek when…

you build your own home-made cooler: This insulated box will hold the carboys that contain my fermenting beer. I’m going to rotate 2 liter bottles of frozen water inside to cool it down. I’m hoping to keep the temperature in … Continue reading

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I’m back in the game!

Through the miracle of fermentation,this will become beer. After a six month hiatus, the Untamed Brewery is going back online. My ESB (extra special bitter) brewing kit arrived from Northern Brewer yesterday, so I will be brewing up my first … Continue reading

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divine poultry

Big Gnome is awed by the Little Chicken I can now add beer-can-chicken to the list of “things I regret missing out on for years because I never tried it,” which includes humus, Thai green curry, and playing the guitar … Continue reading

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August 2008 – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

You never forget your first true love… I usually try to recognize lesser known craft beers in my Beer of the Month club so as to help people broaden their horizons, but I thought I would get back to my … Continue reading

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