you know you’re a geek when…

you build your own home-made cooler:

This insulated box will hold the carboys that contain my fermenting beer. I’m going to rotate 2 liter bottles of frozen water inside to cool it down. I’m hoping to keep the temperature in the box to around 65 degrees or cooler. Even though ale yeast does well at warmer temperatures than lager yeast, I’ve come to learn that the optimal temperature range for ale yeast is around 60 or 65 degrees.

The end result that I’m hoping for is obviously a better tasting homebrew, one that doesn’t have that “homebrew” taste to it. I have not been able to completely eliminate that subtle flavor to this point. I’m hoping this will be a good step in that direction.


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1 Response to you know you’re a geek when…

  1. Brian says:

    The air temperature inside my homemade cooler tonight is at 55 degrees. Score! Now let’s see if this translates into better tasting beer…

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