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Duchesse de Bourgogne with grilled chicken salad

Yesterday I was at the Charleston Beer Exchange scouring the shelves, looking at all the beer I haven’t tried yet. It’s at those moments when you realize that beer really is a life’s work. There is so much beer out … Continue reading

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guide to selecting beer glassware

Beer is a beautiful, complex and wondrous beverage. We all agree on this, right? Drinking a hand-crafted beer is more than an exercise to swallow yellow fizzy water. It’s an experience that should be savored. I’m sure some of you … Continue reading

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Untamed IPA II – my best beer yet?

Being a homebrewer and a perfectionist is not a good combination. Beer should be a laid back. You drink it with friends, enjoy it outdoors on beautiful days, it warms your soul on cozy, rainy days. When used properly, it’s … Continue reading

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pumpkin ale recipe

I had a request from @chandlervdw for an Octoberfest or pumpkin ale recipe for an upcoming Halloween party. I’ve never brewed an Octoberfest, or any lager for that matter. A couple weeks ago I brewed my annual pumpkin ale fall … Continue reading

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