November 2007 – Magic Hat Roxy Rolles

When I normally think of a winter seasonal, I think of something dark, sweet, and spicy. Magic Hat (South Burlington, Vermont) brings all of that and more with hoppy punch in their winter seasonal, Roxy Rolles amber.

Roxy has a very deep amber color and a nice creamy body which make it a good fit to warm yourself on those chilly winter evenings. What sets this beer apart from most winter beers I’ve had is the intense hop character, both in the aroma and in the initial flavor. It hits you right off the bat. Once the beer clears your throat you get a nice hint of malty sweetness.

This is a very tasty beer that I think is an excellent change of pace from many of the sweeter and heartier stouts and spiced beers that are popular in the winter months.


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3 Responses to November 2007 – Magic Hat Roxy Rolles

  1. nikki3bags says:

    Don’t drink them all my friend. I haven’t had one yet.

  2. Brian says:

    You better get on it, then! They go quick in this house, kind of like candy and peanut butter…

  3. D Osiwala says:

    Loved the color of this beer from vision one, the aroma does it one better, rich in hops and underlying tones of dried fruit and almost a chocolate, bannana feel to the finish, heavy on the hops, which I love. Taste is medium on the mouth, with what I think is a high drinkability quality. Good alchohol content, but not overpowering. This is certainly a highly consumable,craft brew that will make new waves in the massively produced over marketed breweries of today. Magic Hat Breweries will most certainly gain ground this year amongst other known microbreweries. I find their brews to be quite substantial and carry A unique character of good balance of color, flavor and hoppiness. Overall I give this Brew and all Magic Hat Brew about a 9. Never tasted a bad Hat Yet.

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