Shakoolie – Your Shower Beer Companion

Moments of genius often come at times when you least expect it, like in the shower. In the case of the Shakoolie, it’s a moment of genius about being in the shower… with a beer.

Say you’ve had a long afternoon of yard work out in the sun, or you’ve been brewing all day in the un-air conditioned garage, or you jogged a few miles in 100% humidity. You come inside, and you immediately want to crack open a beer.

However, you’re covered in dirt and sweat. If your wife/girlfriend/grandmother catches you sitting on the couch or recliner in that state, you’re toast.

You want to get cleaned up, but you really want a beer. You aren’t opulently wealthy, so you don’t have shelves in your shower. You have no place to rest your beer if you want to drink it while you shower.

Which do you do first??? Do you get that beer, or take a shower? Now, you don’t have to choose, you can do both.

That’s where the Shakoolie comes in. It’s a koozie that uses a wall sticker and velcro to attach to your shower. Yes, it’s that simple.



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2 Responses to Shakoolie – Your Shower Beer Companion

  1. walker says:


  2. Stunned. Simply. Stunned.

    But a growler hook might come in handy.

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