ConvergeFL Homebrew Workshop – Wednesday, September 11 in Jacksonville


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be conducting a half-day homebrewing workshop at the ConvergeFL 2013 conference in Jacksonville on Wednesday, September 11. Registration for the conference is now open. If you would like to come to the workshop, it’s an extra pre-conference session, so be sure to add the workshop to your registration.

ConvergeFL 2013 is another in the series of Converge conferences that bring together elements of Web design, development and business into a three-day extravaganza. The speakers are top-notch in the industry, and I’m happy to tag along to bring a change of pace with some good ol’ beer brewin’ fun.

The workshop will be for those who love craft beer and have an undying curiosity to see how it’s made. Or perhaps they’ve always wanted to brew, but have been intimidated by the mystery of the process.

I’ll be there to show just how easy it is to make good beer. We will go through the entire process, from procuring your equipment, to formulating a recipe, to surviving brew day and beyond.

I’ll demonstrate brewing a small batch of beer, and you’ll learn how to brew using both malt extract and “all-grain” techniques, how to taste beer and understand off-flavors in your beer, and how to troubleshoot common problems.

And of course, since it’s brew day, I’ll be brewing a special batch that we’ll tap during the workshop! You’ll also have some other goodies to drink and take home. It’ll be a good time, I promise.


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