Big Brew Day 2009 – homebrewers unite!

big_brew_image1Big Brew Day 2009 is rapidly approaching. In a gesture of solidarity, on May 2, homebrewers around the country will brew one of two choices selected by the American Homebrewers Association. Each year, the AHA selects two or three recipes, usually award winners or those that have gone on to be brewed commercially.

This year, the two recipe selections are a Saison by Dave Levonian and a Dark Mild by Jim Denier. I’m kind of partial to the Saison recipe. I’ve been wanting to brew a Belgian-style beer for some time, as I’ve never done one.

However, I’m also interested in the Dark Mild. Since I’ve been on a hop kick for almost two years now, I’m sort of reverting back to trying to find good, malty beers.

You homebrewers out there, pick your recipe and make sure you order your materials in time. And on May 2, be sure to toast with everyone at noon Central time. We’ll be with you in spirit!


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