welcome to untamedbeer

Let me extend a warm welcome and thank you for visiting my “beer blog.” I started this blog simply because I love beer. It is one of the passions I have in life and my goal is to have a place where I can talk about what I’ve learned and tried, and to get feedback and recommendations from other people. It is my hope that I can provide some useful information to those trying to branch out and learn more about beer, as well as get recommendations and tips from those who know more than I do. And believe me, I don’t know much!

Here is a brief description of what I hope to use the blog for:

  • Beer of the Month
  • Adventures in homebrewing
  • Experiences with various beers, breweries, pubs, etc.
  • Other various beer news that I come across

So I hope you’ll check back in with me as I get things ramped up. And remember, in the words of Charlie Papazian, “Relax, have a homebrew.”


About Brian

I like beer.
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1 Response to welcome to untamedbeer

  1. Jax says:

    Welcome to the blog world my friend! :)
    If you don’t mind I will add a link to your blog on my own blog page! Rock on and keep the beer a brewin’.

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