my first print article

This month has marked an historic occasion. No, not that one… I had an article published in print for the first time! On page 27 (out of 28; I’m guessing they were desperate for filler…) of the January/Febtober 2009 Southern Brew News (SBN), there is an article that I wrote introducing myself as the “Hop Tipster.” In case you haven’t heard, I’ve gotten a gig as the editor of the SBN Hop Tips e-newsletter, which is a beer event calendar that goes out twice a month.

I hope that this article is the first of many as I try to expand my beer writing sphere of influence beyond my personal blog. So be on the lookout for the current issue of the Southern Brew News, which is free and can be found at many fine beer establishments.

If you want to stay current on beer events, sign up for the newsletter. There are several Brewing News regions, so if you want to get mine, be sure to check SBN at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy!


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