upcoming vote for Sunday beer sales in Columbia

For those of my readership living in Columbia, SC, the city elections are coming up this Tuesday, April 1. One of the items on the ballot is whether to allow beer sales in stores on Sundays. I won’t tell you which way to vote, but I’m sure you know my position on the issue. I remember that when I lived there, I did most of my main grocery shopping on Sundays, and it was always a pain that I would have to come back later to buy beer. Read more about the issue.


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4 Responses to upcoming vote for Sunday beer sales in Columbia

  1. Eric Vernon says:

    In Minnesota, we have “blue laws” which are archaic laws that restrict some beer sales. Same as SC it sounds, no beer or liquor sales on Sunday. Its a real pain in the ass. I recently read that liquor store owners are actually not that keen on the idea of repealing them because the amount of sales they would generate on a Sunday wouldn’t match the cost of staying open on Sundays. It’d be nice to be able to buy a six pack to watch a football game, but it doesn’t sound like the laws are going to change anytime soon. More reason to homebrew I guess!

  2. Brian says:

    I’ve heard that argument about some stores not wanting to open on Sundays, so they don’t support repealing the law. Well, the law doesn’t require that they open on Sundays, so if they’ll lose money by doing so, then don’t open on Sundays! It all seems silly to me. I moved to Charleston last year, and here they do allow beer and wine sales on Sundays (no liquor, though). I don’t hear too many people complaining about it here…

  3. Stephen says:

    So thank goodness the vote passed and it sounds like the grocery stores had a successful weekend of beer and wine sales. My only question is, why did we just vote on beer and wine? Why not liquor too?

  4. Brian says:

    I saw that the vote passed. Time to celebrate!

    I’m not exactly sure why liquor has always been a separate issue in South Carolina. I know that in some other states I’ve visited, like Arizona and I believe Colorado (?) liquor can be sold in grocery stores. I don’t know all the history in South Carolina, but beer and wine are considered evil, but liquor is the GREAT evil. It may be a long time still before liquor is treated in the same way as other beverages in this state, if ever.

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