a week without beer

For the past week I was a counselor at Camp Kemo, a weeklong summer camp for children that have cancer and their siblings. Being a children’s camp, alcohol is obviously out of the question and if I wanted to be invited back next year, night-time trips to a local Batesburg-Leesville bar are not an option either. Instead of beer, I turned my substance addiction to coffee. It served me well.

Actually, contrary to popular belief, I didn’t even get the shakes or cold sweats from withdrawal. Although, we had our fair share of pizza and hamburgers, and it would have been perfect to be able to wash it down with an ice cold Budweiser.

But I digress. This was my 8th year as a counselor at Camp Kemo and it was a great week. Having the opportunity to see first-hand the courage and strength of these kids as they battle for their lives is amazing and so inspirational. They are an ever-present reminder in my mind to enjoy each day and to pursue the things about life that I love.

People always say “you never know when it will be taken away” but rarely do people live their lives like that. Listening to the stories of these kids makes you realize that it could happen any day. One day they are playing football for their high school or riding their bikes with their friends, and literally the next day they are undergoing radiation treatment. It can be frightening, but I see it as an opportunity. After all, what do we really have to lose? Why not literally live each day as if it is our last? What are we afraid of?

I am now more dedicated than ever to going after my dreams and making them a reality in my life. My goal is to be successful so that I can give back and help people like the campers that I have gotten to know and love. I hope that you will reach for the stars so you can do the same.


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7 Responses to a week without beer

  1. Izzy says:

    You don’t have to be successful to give. As I think you know.

    It was good to see you there. I look forward to next year.

    St. Izzy the Unsuccessful

  2. Brian says:

    I agree, Izzy. Success is defined differently for everyone. Right now, my definition of success is to simply stay afloat as an entrepreneur so that I can freely give of my time and resources as God blesses me.

    My main point is not in the destination (having a ton of money) but rather in the journey (not being afraid to pursue your dreams). I think that if more people did the latter, our world would reap the benefits of passionate people working exceptionally hard for something they believe in, rather than most people punching a clock to collect a check.

    But I digress, isn’t this blog supposed to be about beer??? :)

  3. Lesly says:

    Viva la Revolution!!! I heart you, my friend and your philosophy and your blog! I have purchased two six packs of Loose Cannon since radiohead; some lucky friends here are enjoying it with me. Can’t wait to come visit you two in G’ville!

  4. Gavin says:

    You write very well my friend and, refreshingly, straight from the heart. Best of luck to you and keep up the good work (on the volunteering and boozing front!).

  5. nikki3bags says:

    Does a week without beer turn you into a pirate?

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