April 2009 – Michelob Ultra

With the arrival of Spring, I have chosen Michelob Ultra as my April Beer of the Month. Mich Ultra promotes an active, healthy lifestyle, and with the weather warming, I’m hoping that we’ll all get outside for some exercise and activities. And what better way to recover from a long run or tennis match than to sit down with an ice cold, low-carb Michelob Ultra?

For this month, I have done a video review of Michelob Ultra. Check it out:


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10 Responses to April 2009 – Michelob Ultra

  1. Lord says:

    Sweet video dude . . . I love the headband.
    When I first moved to Greenville I worked in a pizza place (of which I won’t name to protect the innocents) and on many a night after closing the manager would let us drink some Mich Ultras as we did cleaning duties. I will admit for those few short months in ’07 I came to have a strange fondness for the Mich Ultra. Sure it wasn’t a delightful quality craft brew, sure some people knocked it for being a “girly” beer, sure they were often outdated and flat (hence, I assume, why we were given them to drink) but hell, after having spent the past four hours serving unruly patrons pizza, the Mich Ultras were my best friends in the world. Sadly, in August of ’07 I moved up in the world with a salary paying job. While this was a good thing financially it meant I had to give up the perk benefit of free Mich Ultras. Sometimes when I roam the beer aisle at supermarkets I see them and hear them call out to me saying, “hey Lord, remember all the good times we had?” And I do remember, but alas I am an older and wiser person now, and know that I can never go back to their domestic beer quality.

  2. Red says:


  3. That’s one of the best videos you’ve done yet Brian. Though I swear I think Gatoraide got me drunk once.

    • Brian says:

      Gatorade might be like one of those “non-alcoholic” beverages that are so low in ABV that they don’t count, but they still have alcohol in them. Or maybe it was all the sugar :)

  4. Mark says:

    wow, I can’t even form a coherent sentence about this video.

    If you want an alcoholic Gatorade you should try Anheuser-Busch’s Tilt. I tried that stuff after I went on the brewery tour in St.L. I guess refreshing is a word you could use for it.

  5. Lord says:

    Yeah, definitely Tilt . . . especially the 8.0 ABV stuff. For a while there Mad, Martha, and I were on a really Tilt kicker. Not only will it get you energized but it also gets you buzzed really fast. I’ve heard though that Tilt may (may already) be discontinued due to complaintes that it is essentially marketed to minors (as an energy drink) even though it is clearly labeled as an alcoholic beverage. Kinda BS me thinks.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah I can’t find it listed on A-B’s website now. Maybe that one can in the back of the fridge my roommate has might be worth something now. I’m sure I can find some minors to not sell it to easily enough.

  6. dirtyspeed says:

    Funny. And educational as well. I guess Mich Ultra is better for you, though probably doesn’t “energize” or “refuel” you like Gatorade does.

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