oatmeal nut brown recipe

For Memorial Day, my friend Nathanial and I are brewing up a 10-gallon batch of Oatmeal Nut Brown. Inspired by a recipe from Radical Brewing, we had to make a few tweaks based on raw material availability and our own radicalness.

For those interested in following along, here’s the recipe: (keep in mind, this is 10-gallons)

17 lbs. Munton’s Maris Otter
6 lbs. Castle Belgian biscuit malt
1 lb. Fawcett brown malt
1/2 lb. Belgian Special-B
2 lbs. toasted oats
2 cups toasted, ground walnuts

Boil Additions
2 lbs. dark brown sugar
1.5 oz. Cascade (90 min)
1 oz. Cascade (15 min)
Dash of vanilla (5 min)
Stick of cinnamon (5 min)

Yeast (a different one for each 5-gallon carboy)
British Ale Yeast – Wyeast 1098
British Ale II Yeast – Wyeast 1335


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4 Responses to oatmeal nut brown recipe

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  2. Chase says:

    How much is a “dash” of something in a 10-gallon recipe? Good luck with the brew!

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