June 2009 – Moylan’s Kilt Lifter

Moylan's Kilt LifterYou know anything that claims to be a “kilt lifter” had better be good, or the beer would be the biggest letdown in the beer world. Well, Moylans definitely made me adjust my kilt. Marilyn Monroe would be jealous.

As I’ve stated in posts past, I’m looking for tasty, complex beers that don’t rely heavily on hops. Don’t get me wrong, I still love hoppy beer, but my ever changing palate desires more variety. The Belgians obviously fit the bill, but I’m really getting into some Scotch ales lately.

The Kilt Lifter immediately raises an eyebrow. The color is a foreboding dark amber. You immediately know this beer is not for the faint of heart. The aroma brought back memories of Halloweens past, as malted milk balls came through and slapped my nose.

The flavor comes in three waves. Immediately I got this intense sweetness which gave way to a maltier flavor. Once it all settled down, the two combined into this malted candy aftertaste which coats the tongue for minutes. I could probably drink this beer over the course of two hours and have a non-stop malt party in my mouth.

As I’ve gone through half a pint of this beer writing this review, it has now become clear to me why this is the Kilt Lifter. As smooth as this beer is, at 8% ABV, if not careful, before you know it your kilt might be over your head. Just don’t start drinking this without boxers on.


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