July 2009 – Kwak


Kwak wins the award for Best Presentation (Glassware). Good beer is all about the experience, and the Belgians know how to do it. Each brewery in Belgium has a special glass that is designed specifically for each of their beers.

It’s not all about looks, although visual appeal is more important for beer than we often think. Just as red and white wine are served in glasses that are designed differently based on factors such as aroma, temperature and color, beer is also best consumed in glasses that also take those factors into account. This could be its own study, so I’ll tackle this topic in more detail down the road in another post.

Kwak is more than just a pretty beer. It’s got personality and complexity. The color is a vibrant reddish-orange and the aroma is powerfully sweet, with carmelized fruit and malt.

The flavor starts out very sweet. There is a lot of the customary spiced fruit that you find in many good Belgian ales. There is also a hint of carmelized banana. It’s almost Bananas Foster-esque. The finish coats your mouth with a sugary feeling and stays with you for some time.

Kwak may be a little too sweet for some. I really enjoyed it, though it’s certainly not a beer I’d take out to the lake. I think it’s best enjoyed after dinner with dessert, or even as dessert. It’s also a great beer to order when you’re hanging out with friends at a bar and you want to grow in their esteem.


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4 Responses to July 2009 – Kwak

  1. Franchesca Cox says:

    Awesome dude. :) Nothing better than a pleasantly warm afternoon of beer tasting!

  2. Where can I find this Kwak? It sounds like an awesome After Dinner Beer…did you find it in Greenville? I also like any culture who thinks so highly of beer as to design a glass to suit each kind….Belgium is growing in MY esteem.

    • Brian says:

      In Greenville, I know they serve it at Barley’s and Addy’s. I would imagine you could find it at finer bars and beer stores, but I can’t speak for where else it is distributed.

  3. Jen Newell says:

    It is my understanding that the glass was designed for carriage drivers who wanted a drink to take on the road (or maybe they had to stay with the horses). Cupholders had not quite been invented yet, so the glass, with the wood “rack” were invented so they could drive the coaches and not spill their beer! Gotta love that form and function!

    (Now, I did “learn” this at the Delirium Bar in Brussels, and I can’t for 100% for sure say that it isn’t just some tale they tell the tourists, but hey it sounds very plausible!)

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