Brooklyn Local 1 with star spaghetti and hotdogs

local1Talk about a high-class beer dinner at Untamed Beer last night. Our household enjoys making meals from fresh food. Most of the time, we are eating vibrant and creative dishes. However, go a few days without making it to the store and fresh and creative becomes, well, simply creative.

Take last night’s beer pairing. Brooklyn Local 1 with star spaghetti and hotdogs. Local 1 is a sour, golden Belgian style ale. It has a sharp, spiced fruit with caramelized malt aroma. The flavor starts out with a sweet malt that quickly turns to spice and finishes sour. It’s a complex ride.

However, you haven’t gone a ride like this one until you pair a strong Belgian ale with spaghetti and grilled hotdogs. We busted out the special star pasta. You know, the kind you find in cans of Campbell’s Chicken and Stars soup. We added a can of Hunt’s garlic and herb sauce and fresh basil. To top it off, we grilled some hotdogs, sliced ’em up and threw ’em in, Chef Boyardee-style.

I’m not exactly sure hotdogs were the pairing that Garrett Oliver had in mind when he created the Local 1, but the beer added a nice flair to the meal. Hotdog is a bland, yet delicious sausage, so having an over-the-top pale Belgian ale with the meal took it to previously unknown heights.

Scrounging for meals is pretty fun. It takes me back to my old bachelor days. Although, I was not pairing Belgian strong ales with my dogs at the time. I was lucky if it was Heineken.


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