homebrew workshop at Coast on October 10

Coast Brewing Co. in Charleston closing their homebrew shop on October 10. As many local homebrew shops have found over the years, it’s tough compete with the prices and selection of large online suppliers.

On one hand, that sucks, but on the other, it has created a good opportunity for some enterprising homebrewers. To celebrate the homebrew store closing, Coast is going to offer a homebrewers workshop on October 10. David is going to teach the participants how to brew all-grain using the homebrew setup they have at the brewery. The style and recipe will be determined by the participants.

They are only opening the workshop up to 10 people. Cost will be $100. You can contact Jaime at 843-343-4727 or jaime@coastbrewing.com to reserve a spot.

I can say from my time interning at the brewery that David really knows his stuff and is a very good teacher. You’ll probably learn more in that afternoon than you would in a year on your own. If you’ve ever wanted to start homebrewing or make the leap to all-grain, I think it would be worth attending.


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