new look, same great taste, round 3

It was time for a change; to clean house; simplify. I’ve been looking for a new theme for Untamed Beer, and I finally came across a winner tonight: Twenty Ten by the WordPress Team. I know it’s simple and “standard,” but I like the clean, white background, top navigation and wider content area. I’m going back to basics.

This is the second site redesign, the last coming in April 2008. I think two years is enough for one look. Though, I’m still happy with the logo and don’t plan on changing that.

I’m going to play around with the theme for a bit and see if I can tweak it to optimal usability and appearance, so I hope you don’t mind a few changes and possible hiccups over the next few days. Don’t worry, Untamed Beer has a new look, but it still has the same great taste you’ve grown to know and love.

The photo in the header is of a couple Grundy tanks (used to finish beer after fermentation) at Coast Brewing Company. I want to go explore the Titanic in one of those things…


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I like beer.
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