Untamed Beer reviewed on the Bearded Brewer

Perhaps the greatest beer label of all-time, courtesy of The Bearded Brewer

My homebrewing pen pal in Minnesota, The Bearded Brewer, posted a review of several beers I sent him this fall. He was very complimentary, and I’m honored to receive such praise.

I am really looking forward to receiving his shipment in the coming weeks. Not only does he make good and imaginative beer, his beer names and labels are awesome. You must check out his label gallery.


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3 Responses to Untamed Beer reviewed on the Bearded Brewer

  1. Jim says:

    You know you have some good stuff when the Bearded Brewer likes your stuff. I am a huge fan of his, and it sounds like he is a fan of your beer!

  2. Jim V says:

    Hi, I read the Bearded Brewer’s post about your beers and found my way over here. I’d like to try using lemngrass in a beer – how did you use it?

    Right now, I’ve got a pale ale fermenting and a potion going of juniper berries and lemon peel soaking in vodka. I’m gong to add the potion at bottling.



    • Brian says:

      Hey Jim. We added it to secondary. Before putting it into the carboy, we cut the top and bottom off of it, then mashed it up a little bit. Once it was broken up a bit, we tied it in a knot to keep it together and toss it in. That helps release the flavors without making too much mess.

      I’ve used juniper berriers a couple times, and the results have been positive. It’s a potent flavor, so be gentle!

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