Untamed Maibock Takes Second at the Upstate Brewer’s Cup

All that’s left in the world of my second place Maibock.

I’ve never really liked having the spotlight on me. Some of the earliest home movies of me are in front of a birthday cake as a three-year-old fidgeting around uncomfortably as my family sang happy birthday.

I’d rather watch someone else perform. I’d rather watch someone else lead. I’d rather watch someone else get recognized.

I figure if I want to be a successful brewer, I need to become more comfortable sharing my success publicly. In the Upstate Brewer’s Cup this weekend, my maibock took second place in the best-of-show. I haven’t entered many competitions, and this is by far my best showing.

A lesson in, “sometimes simpler is better,” the maibock is super-simple. It’s pilsner and munich malt with Northern Brewer hops, fermented with Saflager S-23.

I believe the keys to success were the low fermentation at 50 degrees and a boil over after my first hop addition that caused me to lose a good amount of hops and thus prevent the beer from being too bitter.

It had a strong caramel malt aroma and matching flavor. There was a little bit of fruity esters detectable. The finish was sweet, but not lingering. It had just enough hop backbone to balance out the malt.

Overall, it’s a clean, malty and balanced beer that’s very drinkable. I’m pretty sure this beer will become a spring tradition in the Cendrowski household.

Maibock is Untamed

For 10 gallons:
13 lbs. pilsner
9 lbs. munich

1.0 oz Northern Brewer (9.4% AA) (60 minutes remaining)
1.0 oz Northern Brewer (10 min remaining)

4 packets Saflager S-23, fermented at 50 degrees with a diacetyl rest to 70 degrees
Lagered for 8 weeks at 35 degrees


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