South Carolina’s Brewery Pint Bill H.3554

Did you know there is a bill before the South Carolina legislature that, if passed, will allow breweries to sell up to four pints of beer directly to a customer? In fact, there is!

2013-2014 H.3554 was introduced to the South Carolina House of Representatives on February 19, 2013.

There is a good post on that explains what the bill means for the breweries, and what it means for us that drink beer.

Here is my Executive Summary, for you my loyal readers:

  • You can buy four pints (64 oz. to be exact) of beer at a brewery per day for on-premises consumption.
  • You can still sample beer at the brewery, though those samples count against your 64 ounces.
  • You can still buy up to 288 oz. of beer to take home, in whatever container it comes in (12 or 22 oz. bottles, 64 oz. growlers…)

This is huge, both for the breweries and the customers. It basically means you can go to a brewery, hang out and have a couple beers. You can’t legally do this now. The breweries get the added advantage (and profit margin) of selling beer directly to the consumer.

While this bill is still slightly restrictive and not as free-flowing as our neighbors to the North have it, I feel that four pints is a good amount. You can have a few beers at the brewery and make your way to a traditional bar or restaurant if you want to continue your evening.

The bill is in the beginning stages and still has a long way to go. It needs your support go pass through the many hurdles that lie ahead. If you live in South Carolina, you can read this how-to-guide on the journey the bill must undergo before it becomes law and learn how you can do your part to make sure it does.

While you don’t have to contact every elected official in the state, you can start by contacting the legislators in your jurisdiction and letting them know that you are in favor of this bill and why.

North Carolina has over 60 breweries. South Carolina has less than 10. There’s a reason, and it’s not that North Carolinians have a more sophisticated palate for craft beer. This bill will help level the playing field for South Carolina’s existing breweries and pave the way for new ones to open.

And really, that’s the goal, isn’t it? To have more good beer to drink? Be an American, do your part and let our legislators know that we want this bill to pass!


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