South Carolina Pint Law Awaits Governor’s Signature

Last week, South Carolina craft beer scored a major victory. The “Pint Law” was approved by the state’s House of Representatives and now awaits Governor Haley’s signature. She has assured the South Carolina Brewer’s Association that she will sign the bill.

Once this bill becomes law, it will be a major turning point for craft beer in the state. It will allow breweries to sell up to 48 ounces of beer for on-premise consumption. While it’s not unlimited sales or self-distribution like some states (North Carolina), this is a huge step and will open the door for more breweries to open in the state.

Like any business, but especially one as capital-intensive as brewing beer, being able to sell directly to the consumer is a huge benefit. To illustrate just how beneficial it is, one only has to look across South Carolina’s border to the North. North Carolina allows for breweries to sell their beer on-premise and to self-distribute their beer. Prior to this law passing, South Carolina breweries could do neither. North Carolina has over 70 breweries. South Carolina has 10.

Oh, and North Carolina just brought in East Coast expansions from Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, and Oskar Blues over the past year. Just sayin’…

Obviously, the effects of this law won’t be felt overnight. Now that the law is all but passed, more people may now decide that South Carolina has a good climate to start a brewery, and that process can take a year or more from start to finish.

So while this law is a huge win for the breweries currently open in the state, look for even more to enter the game in 2015 and beyond.


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5 Responses to South Carolina Pint Law Awaits Governor’s Signature

  1. Robert says:

    Prior to the pint bill South Carolina breweries could sell beer not to be consumed on premise direct to customers from the brewery.

  2. Robert says:

    If im not mistaken, Even prior to the pint bill, SC breweries could sell growlers and bottles direct to customers from the brewery.

    • Brian says:

      Hey Robert, thanks for clarifying. I was really tired last night, and you should never publish a post when you’re tired.

      Yes, breweries could sell bottles and growlers for off-premise consumption, and they could do 4oz samples.

      The bill opens the door for SC breweries to have real tasting rooms. It’s a huge deal, because they can charge higher margins on pints, it greatly enhances their connection to the community, and people often come in for a beer or two and leave with a bunch of other stuff.

      Happens to me at The Community Tap all the time!

  3. When we say “premise” do we mean “premises?”

    • Brian says:

      I’ve seen it both ways. It’s like “traveler” or “traveller.” Both are correct, one’s popular in the US, the other in England.

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