Quick Reference Guide to Tampa Bay Beer Week 2014

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Tampa Bay Beer Week is upon us! In fact, it was upon me in full force yesterday at the Brewer’s Ball. And I am still feeling its weight!

As we get into the week, are you feeling overwhelmed at all the events and choices? Too much beer, not enough blood to hold it?

I have studied the event list like it was a final exam in college, and I have taken the pulse of the beer community. I have boiled down the multitude of events into a couple to choose from each day. It’s very likely you will find me at one of these throughout the week.

In particular, I’ll be pouring one of my beers with Special Hoperations on Thursday night at Florida Avenue Brewing. It’s the club’s annual TBBW party, and I’ll have my “Maizen” on tap. Come out to try it and hear how I created a new beer style.





  • Special Hoperations TBBW Party: Florida Avenue Brewing. 8 kegs on tap from Special Hoperations homebrewers, including my Maizen.
  • There’s nowhere else you should go.



  • Hunahpu’s Day: It’s sold out, so if you’re going to this, you already know. If you’re not, check out these other events.
  • Gasparilla Music Festival: Flaming Lips and RJD2 headline, accompanied by local craft beer and restaurants providing food
  • Dunedin Craft Beer Fest



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