BTR Collaboration #2: SheaDog Irish Red

SheaDog Irish Red Recipe SheetComing up on Thursday, May 8, we’ll be releasing our Batch #2 brewed at the Brewer’s Tasting Room. In collaboration with our friends Mike Shea and Silvana Capaldi, we brewed an Irish Red in homage to Mike’s Irish heritage.

We couldn’t keep it totally to style and still respect ourselves in the morning, so we added tupelo honey to give it a Florida twist. It’s a clean, malty ale with a dry finish. The honey comes through as a nice accent. It’s at 7.1% ABV, so it’ll pack the punch of Jack Dempsey.

The tapping will take place at 7 pm. We need your support to help us set the house record and kick both kegs that night.

Thursday, May 8
7 pm
Brewer’s Tasting Room (map)


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