coast beer tasting at ted’s

This past Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to a beer tasting at Ted’s Butcherblock in downtown Charleston. We were treated to a five course meal, with each course paired with a beer to complement the food. Our friends at Coast Brewing Company were the featured brewers for the event. Three of Coast’s beers, along with two other of David’s (the brewmaster at Coast) choices. It doesn’t get much better than eating good food along with excellent beer in a butcher shop. Fresh meat and fresh beer, all in one place. Just awesome…

I have really come to love beer tastings and think they are a phenomenal idea. I’ve hosted a few at my house over the past couple years, and they are always a hit with the guests. People are much more open to trying new beers if they get to have food with it that is “specially selected.” It’s kind of like a game that encourages people to try things that they would never get in a bar or a store.

Just to give you a “taste” of what was on the menu, and to perhaps give you some ideas if you want a neat theme for a party, here is what we had Tuesday:

Course 1:
Beer Soup infused with Coast Kolsch, topped with Gruyere and roasted garlic crouton. Paired with Coast 32/50 Kolsch.

Course 2:
Jerked Mahi with sauteed bananas and jasmine rice. Paired with Coast HopArt IPA.

Course 3:
Bertolini’s Ricotta Cavatelli tossed with spinach tomato piccata and Painted Hills tenderloin meatballs. Paired with Westmalle Tripel. (This was my favorite course.)

Course 4:
Corned beef reuben with house made pancetta, big eye swiss, sauerkraut and spicy remoulade. Paired with Coast Blackbeerd Imperial Stout.

Course 5:
Caramel cheesecake with chocolate crust. Paired with Eel River Triple Exultation Old Ale.

Weezer (left) and myself



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2 Responses to coast beer tasting at ted’s

  1. Jonathan E says:

    Wait, you don’t get to drink 5 pints? ;)

  2. Brian says:

    Well, we did get refills… Even with the dixie cup servings of beer, I was well on my way to a happy place. The portions on their own were all small (both for the food and the beverage) but when taken on the whole, I left there very full and very satisfied.

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