what is a bock?

After a recent trip to Texas, a friend of mine asked me exactly what a “bock” beer was. Shiner Bock seems to be all the rage in Texas, so naturally one might wonder if there is actually something to this style of beer, or is it just marketing madness that turns us all into lemmings.

A bock is a German-style lager that is often a bit darker and higher alcohol by volume than your typical lager. Many bock beers are around 5 to 7% ABV and are amber in color. Due to the lagering and strong malt character of the beer, these beers are often lightly hopped. Very little hop aroma or flavor can be detected. Some recipes that I found call for dark crystal malt and even a dash of chocolate malt, which is what give a bock its darker color.

So don’t feel bad about having a Shiner Bock in Texas. If you like lagers they are a step up from the lighter variety and offer a little something different. However, it will be on your conscience for following the lemmings…


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3 Responses to what is a bock?

  1. Flemmy says:

    Thanks for the synopsis, my friend. Those Texans sure love the Shiner Bock…you hit the nail on the head there.

  2. Brian says:

    Excellent read on the black and tan’s implications on the eternal. Beer not only tastes good and reduces the risk of heart disease, but it gives us insights into God. I liking my vocation more and more every day!

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