in pursuit of beer

The time has finally come. Over Memorial Day weekend, Big Gnome and I are taking a leap of faith and moving to Greenville, South Carolina. We hear there’s more beer up there…

It’s going to be quite a transition for me. I’ve quit my full-time job in hopes of pursuing more of my passions and living out some dreams, which include becoming a certified beer judge, brewing all-grain beer, hiking part (if not all) of the Appalachian Trail, and learning to play the guitar. Since no one is going to pay me to play the guitar for them any time soon, one might ask, “What is he going to do for money?” Well, that’s where the faith comes in. Don’t worry about me. I’m pretty resourceful.

I also hope to become much more active on I love promoting beer education, and my goal is to make this space more informative and accessible. So here’s to new beginnings! Cheers!


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3 Responses to in pursuit of beer

  1. Izzy says:

    Well NOW who am I going to share meals with when I go to the Holy City for a movie?

  2. Jaime says:

    COAST is quite sad we lost some cool beer people to the Upstate!
    However, it makes me really want to visit Greenville now- I’ve never been!
    Lookout, we might actually make it up there one of these days!

  3. Brian says:

    Jaime and Izzy, I definitely hope that we’ll have the chance to share a pint with you up in Greenville some time. There is some good beer up here, and I’m already enjoying my trips to Total Wine and Green’s to sample some stuff I’ve never had before. Plus, Barley’s is going to be my new second home. I should be on a first name basis with everyone there in a month or so!

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