May 2009 – Dogfish Head Immort Ale

I had to bust out my old-school fitted Denver Nuggets hat in honor of their first round playoff victory. I don’t think I’ve worn this hat in 15 years.

Most of the time, when I’m looking at a restaurant menu, my eyes gravitate toward whatever on the menu has the most ingredients listed. I just love it when so many different things come together to create a complex and unique flavor. It keeps me from getting bored with food.

For instance, my favorite pizza at the Mellow Mushroom is the Mega Veggie, loaded with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, black olives, tomatoes, broccoli, banana peppers, artichoke hears and feta. Is it even possible to put more stuff on a pizza before you have to call it a salad?

When I was at Bruisin’ Ales in Asheville last week, I picked up a couple bottles of Dogfish Head Immort Ale. (Whenever I’m there, I always check out the Dogfish Head they have in stock, as I can’t get it in South Carolina yet. Please come across the border soon!) I was drawn by the description: “Luscious and complex, this smooth, full bodied ale reveals interwoven notes of maple, vanilla and oak.” I was sold.

They weren’t kidding when they called this one complex. It pours a deep red with an off-white head. Smoke was immediately apparent in the aroma, followed by a subtle juniper scent (think gin).

After I tasted it, my reaction was, “Wow.” A very intense, yet smooth flavor. At first I get a lot of the smoke flavoring. (They peat-smoke the barley.) Then the flavor turns to maple syrup and juniper. At the end I get a hop bitter, oak flavor that lingers on the sides of the tongue.

The Immort Ale is 11.0% ABV, but with everything going, I never got a hot, alcohol mouthfeel. It was very pleasant with a full, sweet body. After about thirty seconds or so, I did get a nice, warm feeling in my chest.

Dogfish Head is always known for pushing the envelope of beer. The Immort Ale is no exception. They threw the kitchen sink in on this one, but it totally works. Excellent on its own, I would highly recommend having this one with a rich dish, something cheesy or oily, maybe salmon or even mac & cheese (but with good cheese, not Velveeta). It will take you to an amazing place.


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4 Responses to May 2009 – Dogfish Head Immort Ale

  1. Alex says:

    Lovely description of the flavor here…Dogfish Head is always great for giving a beer with the complex dimensions of wine. Perfect for those of us who can’t afford complex wine. And perfect for those of us who just want something nice to go with our rich and cheesy slum foods like pizza, calzones, burgers, etc.

    Nice Post!

  2. Matt Daniel says:

    I’ll have to give this a shot. Any suggestions on where to pick one up in Chucktown?


    • Brian says:

      Much to my dismay, you can’t get Dogfish Head in South Carolina. They don’t distribute in our fair state, yet… They are expanding their production in the brewery to meet demand, so I’m sure they’ll be making their way down here sometime in the next year. We keep getting new breweries added to our selection all the time.

      Bell’s, from Michigan, for example, is hitting the shelves in SC later on this month. As a matter of fact, the Mellow Mushroom in Charleston is having a Bell’s launch party on the May 13, and the Charleston Beer Exchange will have some Bell’s selections available on the growler station on the 14th.

      But don’t be scared to pester Dogfish to get down here soon. They’d appreciate the love.

  3. Jessica Trice says:

    Hey there! Awesome website!!! Great seeing you last weekend! Let us know if ya’ll wanna come visit!!!!

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