AHA Big Brew 2009 – Upstate Brewtopians video footage

The Upstate Brewtopians participated in the AHA Big Brew Day 2009 by brewing a 40-gallon batch of the Saison du Mont, a recipe from Dave Levonian. We had a great time and brewed what early indications are will be a great batch of beer. If you want a glimpse of the day, I’ve put together two videos. The first is the “official” version for the AHA YouTube video competition. It had to be under 3 minutes long, so I had to cut out some rather entertaining footage and capture the guts of the day.

Please be sure to visit the YouTube video, even if you’d rather just watch the longer Director’s Cut. They are giving away prizes, and some of the prizes are based on the number of views, so we need your support!

AHA “Short” version:

The “Director’s Cut” version:


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