Beer lovers in South Carolina, time to take action!

Hey beer fans. I wanted to send out a big “call to arms” to all my beer loving brethren in South Carolina. Perhaps as soon as tomorrow, Bill 3693 is going up for a “unanimous measure” vote.

When this bill was last voted on, there was one representative that voted against it, Rep. Kenneth Kennedy from District 101 in Williamsburg Co. A unanimous vote is not necessary for passage, but it will allow the bill to go straight to a big committee vote, meaning it will skip a lot of smaller steps. This means we’ll get to drink good beer sooner, and this is never a bad thing.

Essentially, Bill 3693 will allow breweries, and now stores and restaurants, to have beer tastings and samplings. Currently, if you go to a brewery, they cannot legally allow you to even taste their beer on the premises. This is a total double-standard, as you can go to a South Carolina winery and try their wine, and you can go to a South Carolina distillery and taste their spirits.

The bill posted on the State House site has been amended and is not up-to-date. It has since been amended to drop the restrictions and added stores and restaurants, in addition to the breweries themselves.

It’s not too late to take action. You can contact Rep. Kennedy and send him an email urging him to reconsider and vote yes to this bill. If you don’t feel comfortable making an argument, just send him an email with “Please vote yes to bill 3693” as the subject and just send that.

Below is Rep. Kennedy’s contact information. You can also get more info by visiting the forum on Beer Advocate.

Thanks for taking action!

Representative Kenneth Kennedy
District 101 – Williamsburg Co.


(H) 140 Society St., Greeleyville, SC 29056
Bus. (843) 426-2259
Home (843) 426-2492

(C) 328B Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29201
Bus. (803) 734-2986
Home (803) 252-2000


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