Oskar Blues beers aged in Stranahan’s whiskey barrels

Last night at Barley’s we had a flight of Oskar Blues beers that had been aged in Stranahan’s whiskey barrels and served from casks: Mama’s Little Yella Pils, Old Chub and Ten Fidy.

If you have never had a barrel-aged beer, or a beer served from a cask, please, I beg you, find a cask night or a barrel-aged beer at a fancy beer store and drink it. It will change your life.

Now, I’m a huge fan of Oskar Blues regular selections. I think Dale’s Pale is a staple for any session or camping trip, and Old Chub is one of my favorite choices when I’m looking for something sweet and malty. The whiskey oak-aged versions of these beers did not disappoint. They were delicious.

Mama’s Little Yella Pils

I started with the Mama’s Little Yella Pils. This was a very unique selection, as I’d never had a barrel-aged pilsner before.

The whiskey aroma was dominant, but more of the oak came through in the flavor. I would not have guessed this was a pilsner. It was a very tasty and unique combination.

My only criticism is that the body seemed a bit watery. The regular Yella Pils has a nice body and mouthfeel, so my only thought is that this was due to the cask. Either way, it was tasty and I wouldn’t call it a failure.

Old Chub

The Old Chub was the opposite of the Yella Pils. I noticed a lot of the oak in the aroma, but the whiskey came through wonderfully in the flavor.

Perhaps from the combination of malt, oak and whiskey, but I tasted a banana malt milkshake thing going on. It was smooth and delicious.

Ten Fidy

The barrel-aged Ten Fidy was a huge malt bomb wrought with whiskey and oak aromas. It was sweet, bready and smooth. Excellent, although if I had another, it may have put me on another planet.

My choice for best of the night was the Old Chub. It was somewhere in between the Yella Pils and Ten Fidy in terms of intensity and body, which made it a very smooth drink. The flavor was simply amazing. That’s the kind of beer that I could nip on all night.


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5 Responses to Oskar Blues beers aged in Stranahan’s whiskey barrels

  1. Nathaniel says:

    I agree that overall the Old Chub was the best of the three (though both the Little Yella Pils and the Ten Fidy had their definite merits). Personally I didn’t notice as much of the banana in the Old Chub as you did, but instead picked out what I thought of as an almost “cidery” flavor. Whatever it was it provided for an excellent drinking experience. Of course, having those three, plus a number of other beers throughout the night, definitely did a number on me. Got to remember that when drinking from casks we’re dealing with the big guns in both flavor and alcohol.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m going to second Nathaniel over there…banana malt milkshake?! That’s a little far out for me, but at least you’re not comparing the flavor to something completely nostalgic and immaterial (ie: “It tasted like the sweet tenderness of a virgin’s kiss…”) I’ve actually heard wine snobs talk about wine that way…Gag me. Your post reminded me how much I like Old Chub, though…time to pick some up. Cheers!

  3. Big Jon says:

    I heard something the other day about Vorlauf Initiative. Any idea what that is all about? Sounds intriguing…

  4. Oh how freakin’ right you are!!

    It’s stunning how many beer bloggers and beer lovers have yet to try barrel aged brew. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you’re not doing your passion justice. ;)

    Though to be fair, I’ve had some seriously bad ones too. Like WTF were you thinking type of bad.

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