additional Brewvival thoughts & Grady Hull from New Belgium

The Charleston Brewvival festival was last weekend, and let me tell you, it was something like a phenomenon. As a beer geek, I was totally in heaven. I tried around 25 new beers that I’ve never had before, at least in the forms they were presented.

I wrote a more complete description of the festival on HopPress today, so you can check that out to get a good idea of my thoughts on the event if you’d like.

The Thomas Creek Crew

One thing I didn’t talk about on HopPress that I wish I had mentioned, and perhaps this is a good topic for debate, is that Brewvival actually paid breweries for their beer. Most beer festivals require the breweries donate their beer. That’s a primary reason why Brewvival was able to get these breweries to bring out their best.

It’s also one reason why the tickets were $50 and did not include food. It’s a steep ticket for these parts, but in my opinion it’s worthwhile. Even the other really good festivals in the region like Brewgrass and Hickory Hops, which have great local and regional representation, don’t pull in this caliber of beer from around the country.

I’m glad to see the festival was well-attended and supported. If $50 is steep for you, you’ve been given sufficient notice. Save up for next year. It’s worth it.

As an added bonus, I was able to video Grady Hull, Assistant Brewmaster at New Belgium, talking about how they make Love and La Folie. Unless you are also a homebrewer and/or beer geek, this will probably bore you to death. I found it fascinating.


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