Budweiser – The Natural Drink of America

Courtesy of my friend Tony, this ad appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on September 4, 1908.

Amazing how advertising has changed in 100 years. They used to sell beer as if it were a medicinal tonic:

“In every glass is health, and what is health but efficiency and power… The little alcohol in it promotes cheerfulness of mind – which is the best of all medicines. The Lupulin in the hops soothes the nerves and acts as a digestive tonic; while the juice of the barley contains a high percentage of substantial nutriment.”

I also enjoy how they used a deceased Alexander Hamilton to promote their beer. “He believed in protecting the brewing industry, and drank good beer all of his days.”

I want that quote to appear on my tombstone.


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1 Response to Budweiser – The Natural Drink of America

  1. nikki3bags says:

    Or, it’s amazing how advertising hasn’t changed.

    Position product as something that is healthy for you: check.

    Present product as better because it’s “natural.”: check.

    Put famous person’s face in ad: check.

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