I’m teaching the Hombrewing 101 seminar at the Top of the Hops Festival

I’m sure most of you from Greenville have heard by now, but on April 10, the Top of the Hops Festival is coming to the Bi-Lo Center from 2-6 pm. This is the first major beer festival to be held in Greenville in, well, ever to my knowledge.

The festival is co-headlined by Thomas Creek and Barley’s Tap Room, so you know it’s going to be bomb, as the youngsters might say. It’s even more bomb because I’m going to be teaching one of the educational seminars, Homebrewing 101.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, or if you’re on the fence if you want to go, you should come out for no other reason than to lob some slow-pitch softball questions so that I can knock them out of the park and look really smart.

However, I know you don’t go to a beer festival for the education. It’s about the beer, and there will be plenty of it. There will be more than 120 beers from 55 breweries. The brewery list is impressive, so there will be a lot of good beers to be had.

The cost is $35 for regular tickets and $60 for VIP. Please do come out and support this festival if you can make it. We’ll only get more cool beer events in Greenville if we show people that we’re willing to support it. A dollar is the most powerful vote you can cast.


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5 Responses to I’m teaching the Hombrewing 101 seminar at the Top of the Hops Festival

  1. Jen Newell says:

    congrats!! you will do awesome! my questions will be….(so you have time to prepare)……what are the main ingredients you need to make beer? AND what is the name of that special stone filter thingy you use?

    ps: i didn’t know that the kids call things “bomb” now. is “the” too much for them? next we will be saying “i need to go to hospital” just like the british?

    • Brian says:

      Those are great questions. I think I can handle them. As a matter of fact, I’ll have some of the main ingredients needed to make beer at the seminar, so you can touch, smell and even taste them. (I’ll give an extra big pour of homebrew to anyone who eats a hop pellet.)

  2. bobbyc says:

    Wish we could make this one! I’m sure you’ll do a fine job at the demonstration. Put some brewing knowledge in their heads!

  3. Andrew says:

    Wow, glad to see SC is getting more and more beer festivals. Good Luck with the class!

  4. Sascha says:

    damn, If I would have known earlier that even breweries from Germany – and even Munich participate – I would have come :)

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